Friday, 4 July 2014

Connecting with Yookos

Yookos, an acronym for “You-own-Kosmos” kick started with a number of followers and outmatched major leading African social networks. The site received an extremely warm welcome. The array of features which the site offers justifies the title giving its users to avail a world of opportunities under one roof.

Stay Connected!
Connected with YookosYookos is dedicated to sharing extraordinary, quirky and thought-provoking stories and ideas. Ranging from sharing posts, pictures and videos to playing online games- Yookos provides it all to its users at the point of a click. Yookos also accommodates a large number of addictive games; prompting game lovers to stick around. Yookos has gifted its users a world of ease by allowing its users to log in through same credentials used on other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Yahoo!, Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, the expansion of base and superb social interactivity has been a cherry on the cake. It allows the users to share and post stuff on other social media engines.

Growing with Time
Constant advancements on the site have significantly contributed to increase in site's popularity. Yookos3.0 has contributed a leading-edge user interface and several front-line features to the site. Yookos mobile app makes it even easier for its users to connect with friends and share news while you're on-the go. It has captured all leading app stores. Having a thousands of dedicated users, the app can be used on all prominent platforms such as iOS, Blackberry and Android. The Yookos messenger has become the new hype amongst users, providing an ease of connecting with friends on-the-go.

Follow us on Yookos
With the swift upgrade of site from “http” to https”, users can now socialize under a more safer environment. Additionally, the site is constantly working on other ways as well to make the site a lot safer. This upgrade certainly contributes to enhanced user-security and building user-trust on site. As per the recent statistics, the number of users have mushroomed from thousands to millions at the speed of an eye blink post this update.

Overlooking the Future
Yookos' large number of followers have helped the site rank at #91 in Nigeria and at #32,738 worldwide. With the constant rise in number of users, the site expects to shelter 100 million users with an average of 10 million active users by the end of 2015. The site certainly portrays a high caliber with remarkable increase in number of new as well as dedicated users.