Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is an age old marketing technique that has stood the test of time to remain the most effective form of marketing. Word of mouth marketing retains its power in the purchase behaviour of customers because it is based on trust.

Trust is a very important factor that governs all business relationships. Customers repeatedly buy products from a brand that they trust and avoid the one on which they have negative perceptions.
They also trust the recommendations about a product that is made by their peers. In fact, research into customer behaviour has shown that peer-to-peer recommendations enjoy a trust rate of 94 percent. 

It then naturally follows that their purchase decisions are not entirely their own as they are a response to recommendations made by their friends. On the other hand paid advertisements only have a trust rate of 47 percent and marketers should watch carefully where they are investing their budgets in.
Marketing has changed radically as digital marketing tools like social networking platforms have become prevalent.

How can brands use social media to influence word of mouth marketing?
The social media revolution has added fuel to the word of mouth marketing fire. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Yookos and Twitter are very effective in this regard. Social networking activities are driven by relationships between people with shared interests or common demographics as well as psychographics. This means the trust factor is largely present in their social interactions.

Conversations between these connections include social stories and their experiences with brands. When a social network user on Yookos for instance enjoys a pleasant stay at a hotel on vacation, he or she will upload pictures and put up status updates showcasing the wonderful experience. This in turn influences his or her connections to book at the same hotel on their own vacation.

Considering the number of friends one has on a social networking site, the reach of the post goes to tens of thousands. This creates the cherished advocacy at the bottom of the marketing funnel that will result in increased brand awareness and lead generation for the brands.

Conversely, users can also share their negative experiences with a brand and this can lead to a catastrophe if the disgruntlement is not properly managed. A classic example is the “United Breaks Guitars” video protest song that was created by Dave Carroll after United Airlines had broken his guitar but refused to compensate him. The negative feedback caused by the Youtube video resulted in the Airline’s shares dropping by over 10 percent.

However, negative feedback can actually be turned around and promote a product if it is handled with skill and timeously. Negative comments should not left unattended for a long time.

Given the power that word of mouth marketing has in generating high sales volume, marketers should add social networking platforms like Yookos, Youtube and Twitter to their marketing mix to create strong emotive bonds with their clients. These tools have the potential to foster customer satisfaction, trust and commitment which builds a strong foundation for word of mouth marketing.

Many people are accessing the internet via their mobile phones and social networking is their number one online activity. This has widened the target market that brands can tap into to make their businesses more profitable. Word of mouth marketing spreads liked veld fire in these online networks.

Word of mouth marketing has also forced brands to pay more attention to their customers and satisfy their needs. This has made a positive impact on the quality of the products leading to happier shopping experiences.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Yookos Social Networking App For Android Handsets

Yookos is one of Africa’s leading social networking platforms that allows its users to get connected from anywhere in the world.

The social networking platform has a mobile app that is available for download for Android phones and tablets. Android is one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems and a few examples of mobile phones that use this OS are Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG.

Yookos’ Android app enables owners of Android phones to enjoy social networking services for free.

The Yookos for Android app offers a complete suite of exciting functions that most social networking users are used to.

Screenshot of Yookos Android app

This Yookos app enables Android mobile phone users to:
  •         Connect and make  friends online
  •          Update their profile
  •          Invite their friends from their phone’s contact list
  •         Update status 
  •          Upload pictures  via phone
  •          Play online free games
  •          Send  personal messages
  •          Write blogs and comment on the blogs of others
  •          Comment on their friends’ posts and updates
  •          View pictures and videos posted by their friends

The above functions are laid out on an interface that is easy to use on most Android phones.

Users can express themselves freely on Yookos. They can use pictures, videos or simple text. They can influence what goes on into the world around them by sharing their thoughts and opinions with their community.

This resonates with what the name Yookos represents; an acronym for “You own the Kosmos”.

One of the most important functions that makes Yookos stand out from other social networking sites is the ability to blog. Individual users and corporates can create blogs, write blog posts and share them with their communities.

Blogs are very important for content marketing purposes. Search engines love content and blogs are one excellent way of feeding them. The reward for this is increased online visibility.

On the other hand, brands that aspire to use social media for business can also use this mobile social networking app. Through Yookos, they can reach new customers and engage with the existing ones. Brands can also advertise on the network to reach 30 million plus users on Yookos.

Social media is a key driver of business operations and most companies are investing in social marketing campaigns.

The free Android app is available for download on the Google Play store.

Watch the Yookos Mobile Apps Video

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Yookos for Blackberry Handsets

The Yookos mobile suite includes a robust and easy to use Blackberry app. This app can be installed on Blackberry phones with OS versions 4.5 to 7.1.

The Blackberry app is one of the most definitive social networking apps. It offers its users a lot of benefits that widens their social interaction base in addition to staying up with global news.

Connecting with new friends

When a user installs a Yookos app on their Blackberry phone, it becomes a powerful communication tool that enables them to:

·         Connect with new friends and make friends online at any time and from anywhere.
·         Add new friends from their phone’s contact book.
·         Connect with new friends without being limited by geographical barriers.

These cross-cultural connections enrich their social interactions. The quality of the social networking experience increases in proportion to the expansion of the social graph.

Private Messaging

Communication between the users is enabled via the messaging functionality. Once a message is sent, a user is notified immediately so that he or she can read and respond.

Activity Stream

The Yookos social networking app for Blackberry phones has an exciting activity stream. Users can:

  •          Discover the fun stuff posted by their friends
  •          Learn what is trending in the world around them.
  •          Post comments on their friends’ posts 

Photo Experience

Pictures are a key component of top social network and the Blackberry does not disappoint. The photo album feature enables Yookos users to:

  •          Upload an unlimited number of photos.
  •          Name the albums so that the pictures are categorised around common themes.

This improves the user experience as the users can easily locate any specific picture depending on date or theme.

Yookos Blackberry app for business

The Blackberry phone is very popular with students in Africa. This demographic segment is a large population group in all countries. Brands who sell products for the youth market can take advantage of Yookos Blackberry app to reach this super active market segment.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Yookos mobile apps enhanced for great user experience

Yookos, one of Africa’s leading and fastest growing social networking platforms, has revamped its suite of mobile apps to enhance their functionality and to enrich the user experience.

These exciting improvements were effected on the social platform’s trinity of Android, iOS and Blackberry apps as well as on its mobile web. One of the challenges that Yookos users faced previously was on changing the avatar, which has now been renamed profile picture.

Following this upgrade, users now simply tap on the profile picture to:

Access their Yookos profile and edit it
·         Remove or add photos.
·         Add up to 50 profile pictures thus giving them the ability to change their profile pictures seamlessly on the go.
·         Change the appearance of their profiles as a strategy of widening their social graph. The more number of connections they have translates to an exciting user experience on the platform.

Additionally, a private message link was added to the menu. This separates private messages from push notifications and this update offers the following benefits:

       ·         Users can create, send and receive their messages through this functionality.
       ·         The congested inbox created by private messages and notifications all converging into one place is now a thing of the past.

Being cognizant of the latest social media trends, the Yookos product development team transformed the photo experience on the platform enabling users to:

  •          Create photo albums in which they can upload an unlimited number of photos. This latest addition enables them to add photos to an album as per a theme of their choice. For example a user’s birthday photos can be uploaded into an album named My Birthday 2014.
  •          Easily search and locate specific photos at a click of a button via the album listing functionality.

This set of changes creates a world class user experience on the Yookos platforms.