Thursday, 18 September 2014

Yookos for Blackberry Handsets

The Yookos mobile suite includes a robust and easy to use Blackberry app. This app can be installed on Blackberry phones with OS versions 4.5 to 7.1.

The Blackberry app is one of the most definitive social networking apps. It offers its users a lot of benefits that widens their social interaction base in addition to staying up with global news.

Connecting with new friends

When a user installs a Yookos app on their Blackberry phone, it becomes a powerful communication tool that enables them to:

·         Connect with new friends and make friends online at any time and from anywhere.
·         Add new friends from their phone’s contact book.
·         Connect with new friends without being limited by geographical barriers.

These cross-cultural connections enrich their social interactions. The quality of the social networking experience increases in proportion to the expansion of the social graph.

Private Messaging

Communication between the users is enabled via the messaging functionality. Once a message is sent, a user is notified immediately so that he or she can read and respond.

Activity Stream

The Yookos social networking app for Blackberry phones has an exciting activity stream. Users can:

  •          Discover the fun stuff posted by their friends
  •          Learn what is trending in the world around them.
  •          Post comments on their friends’ posts 

Photo Experience

Pictures are a key component of top social network and the Blackberry does not disappoint. The photo album feature enables Yookos users to:

  •          Upload an unlimited number of photos.
  •          Name the albums so that the pictures are categorised around common themes.

This improves the user experience as the users can easily locate any specific picture depending on date or theme.

Yookos Blackberry app for business

The Blackberry phone is very popular with students in Africa. This demographic segment is a large population group in all countries. Brands who sell products for the youth market can take advantage of Yookos Blackberry app to reach this super active market segment.

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