Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Introducing Yookos 4 Business

Yookos 4 Business is an initiative designed to equip business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world to use the Yookos platform to expand awareness and influence of their product or service. 

Yookos offers users a free business page complete with social interaction tools and fully customizable design as well the opportunity to advertise their product or service to a global audience of potential prospects. 

The Yookos 4 business community is a place for business users to be informed about all things pertaining to business and Yookos, network with like minded individuals and also expand awareness of their brand on a global arena as well as being inspired to continue to take giant strides towards success.

To compliment this initiative there is the Yookos 4 business community. The online community has various features including an online business directory , a networking space , tutorial videos ,inspiration corner as well as all the information required to get in touch with our Yookos 4 business consultants.

We have a team of skilled and experienced consultants globally who will guide and facilitate business users in how to get the most out of Yookos and also provide any services they may need in using Yookos for their business from social media content management to graphic design.

Signed up businesses who do not possess the technical ability to set up a business page will support from the Yookos team. This support includes the customization of the page to reflect a brand’s corporate look and graphic design. Content marketing, especially visual content, is key to the success of the social campaigns and the Yookos pages have the capacity to prominently display photos and videos.

Yookos' content sharing features will enable the marketing messages of a business to be shared widely across the social web.

Additionally, brands that do not have the capacity or time to create content can take advantage of the content creation service that is offered under the Yookos For Business initiative. The Yookos content specialists have an in-depth knowledge of creating compelling and highly engaging content that delivers on the business goals.

The content created will give businesses’ enhanced visibility on the search engines like Google and Yahoo as well improve the conversion of leads to customers. The internet is about discovery and customers rely on it “zero moment of truth”. ZMOT is the ciritical stage where they will be looking for information about a service or a product.

Indeed, the Yookos 4 Business package tailor-made for success as it offers businesses a comprehensive out of the box solution.


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