Monday, 3 November 2014

7 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Managers

Social media management has become a very demanding task. This is due to the increase in   number of functions that social media managers are called to perform. Not only are they called to create strategies that help in realizing the overall business goals, they are also required to create content that enhances engagement with their clients and listen to online conversations.

1. Strategic thinker
An effective social media manager is a strategic thinker. This kind of thinking involves connecting actions to specific marketing goals which in turn are linked to the overall business goals. A lot of social campaigns fail because they lack clarity of direction.

2. Good listener
Social media marketing is all about conversations and just as in normal offline conversations, listening is a key ingredient. A social media manager needs to know what his customers are talking about and then find creative ways of joining in the conversations. Tracking online conversations enables the social media marketers to post relevant content that connects with their customers.

3. Latest trends
Digital marketing is in a flux. Newer and better ways of doing things are constantly being discovered and it is imperative that social media managers keep track of these developments. Being outdated usually translates to being left being. That is simply how competitive online marketing is.

4. Measuring metrics
One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is the ability to track the performance of a campaign. Tracking consumption and sharing metrics, post reach and engagement helps to determine whether a campaign is still on track. Campaign optimisation should arise from metrics as they are a good indicator of what needs to be fixed or reinforced.

5. Good communicator
Communication is all about sending out a clear message that conveys meaning and produces the desired effect. It includes the use of text, photos and videos. Whatever format is used, it must be creative, compelling and should be able to evoke emotions in the target audience. Insipid communication works against a brand’s marketing purposes.

6. Good problem solver
Social media platforms enable customers to post feedback and comments on the brands’ business pages. A number of customers enjoy humiliating brands in public by posting negative comments. An effective social media manager is the one who redresses customers’ grievances before they destroy a company’s online reputation.

7. Creative
Social media should be creative if is to be engaging. The use of the imagination in creating original content is paramount if an update is to become viral. Customers share exciting content within the online communities and this widens the reach of a marketing campaign.

Social media managers can make themselves more effective in the execution of their tasks by adopting the above mentioned proven characteristics in addition to their current skill set. They should develop the ability to listen to online conversations and create creative campaigns that match the preferences of their customers. Social media managers must know ways to handle negative feedback and complaints with grace.