Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Social media marketing is about conversations and not the platform

Social media is now dominating our lives. Every human activity, be it – shopping, family time out is now being shared on social platforms either as text or image. Each experience is made known to the world via social media.. We tweet, We Instagram. We upload to Facebook.
There is a cost to it though as people are now using social media lingo more. People no longer laugh they just “lol” and they appreciate less often than they “like”. They now spend a lot of their time “within” the screen that out of it and marketers have taken note and have started engaging their customers and prospects on social platforms.
Which platform to use
Most business who want to use social media for the first time ask this question. The answer to that one is simple, they must be where there audience is. For example, if their audience spends a lot of time on Yookos then it follows that they must create strategies that are based on that social networking platform. Posting content on the least used platform is like shouting at a wall.
Business must avoid corporate-speak when they are on social platforms  Your social media efforts seem more human, and this human touch is what people want, need, and look for.
Social Listening
One of the growing trends of social media marketing is listening. Any meaningful conversation is based on good listening from all the parties.They are some brands who employ a large team of social media staff who spend their day posting on social networks. This tactic does not work as it is like using a megaphone to communicate on platforms that are fundamentally meant for conversations.
Listening enables brands to understand their customers more in terms of their demographics and psychographics. This leads to a more intimate relationship that works very well in the long run for word of mouth marketing.
There are a number of tools that enable brands to listening to social conversations.
Conversations matter
As a rule brands must restrict their activities to two or three channels and invest time in participating, networking, sharing, listening to user-generated content and creating their own content.
Conversations produce incredible access to customer insights. Brands no longer have to guess when they can directly ask their audience about their choices via quizzes, polls, and discussions.
Make social listening the foundation of your social business. Stop resting on the laurels of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and start listening. You will be headed for a successful social media presence, built by learning your customers’ preferences and customizing your products and services around what you hear from them.

In a world where people want to make connections with brands through the people that represent them, the goal of social media has to be about starting, and maintaining conversations and connection through active listening. The platform you use is up to you!

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