Monday, 1 December 2014

The power of visual content in social media marketing

We are living in an age in which those companies which are not content marketing are not marketing at all. Visual content is the most popular type of content and it is set to dominate for a very long time. The reasons are simple. A story paints a thousand words and a minute of video conveys 1.8 million words.

So why should brands be adopt visual content?

1. Visual Processing
Humans are wired for visual content. Visuals help the mind to quickly understand and grasp a message. Research shows that over 90% of information that is sent to the brain is visual and it is processed 60 000 x faster than text.

2. Conversion rate optimisation
Brands that want to increase the conversion rate of their landing pages should upload videos. Oftenly, people are lazy to read text and they prefer to watch videos instead. Videos thus provide a passive engagement medium and they also increase the duration a visitor stays on a website or any other content hub. The trust factor is also lifted through videos that feature employees of a company.

3. Social media readiness
Social media and visual content is a match made in heaven. Most social media users access social platforms via their mobile phones. The benefit of visual content in this regard is that it is snackable and can be consumed on the go. The other good news for marketers is the power of visual content in triggering higher engagement in comparison to text. This is powerful in the context of the latest algorithm changes of most social platforms that limit the reach of those posts with greater engagement and reward the ones with the right metrics.

4. Power of infographics
There is also another major shift in how people are consuming content. Infographics are getting increased preference from customers and leads alike. A great infographic is an instant revelation. It can compress time and space. It can illuminate patterns in massive amounts of data.  It can make the abstract convincingly concrete. 

5. Images in search results
A business whose images appear in search engine results pages enjoys a greater click through rate to its website and this consequently leads to increased traffic. This has a direct influence on the lead generation initiatives.

Visual content is not a king. It is the kingdom. It leads to more content being consumed, improves social media engagement, conversion rates and traffic flows.

Savvy marketers have mastered it to good effect!

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