Monday, 1 December 2014

Yookos 4 Business

Social media has disrupted the traditional way of doing things in virtually every area of human endevour. The business world has been affected the most as it is at the centre of most societies. 

Social media presents a plethora of opportunities for businesses to connect and engage with their customers in a personalised way. It also enables them to glean customer insights that leads to improved service delivery and product improvement.

Customers spend a lot of time on social networking platforms chatting with their friends or reading their status updates. Brands should meet their customers at their favourite playgrounds and Yookos is one such popular destination for social networking users.

Yookos, being Africa's leading social networking platform with over 30 million registered users, recently launched its pioneering Yookos4Business service that offers brands a great opportunity to grow their businesses.

Yookos4Business consultants help brands create a comprehensive online marketing strategy that leverages social media marketing best practices. What makes this service remarkable is that it is provided for free. No other social networking platform actively helps its users to create a marketing strategy.

Users also receive assistance from technicians to set up their page in a compelling way. Graphic design and copywriting services are provided under this initiative.

The jewel on the Yookos4Business crown is the searchable Business Directory under which brands can list their products and services as well as contact details and URLs. This directory is indexable and therefore business details appear in search engine results pages when matching search queries are made.

Yookos4Business is ideal for those businesses that want to enlarge their market penetration across the African continent. The brands can also engage with their customers in more meaningful ways, understand what they want and be responsive to their queries.

Contact Yookos for more information on how you can register your business on Yookos.

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