Wednesday, 1 April 2015

7 Blog Promotion Tips

Blogging is a very important component of content marketing. However, writing a blog post is just the starting point. There is so much work that is required in promoting it, afterall content marketers must be effective at chasing eye balls.
1. Empower your readers with social sharing buttons.
One simple tactic is to place social media widgets on your blog to enable the readers to share. Social networking platforms like Yookos, Facebook and Twitter are very key as they are set up to facilitate a sharing economy. A floating social bar is another good idea. A good tip is to make sure it appears only after people have scrolled a bit down the page.
2. Tap in the market of Influencers
It is very important for bloggers to nurture links with fellow bloggers who have a large following. Once an influencer mentions the post he likes to his community, traffic will flow to that post.

3. Target content topics for the people you want to promote them.
Keyword research reveals the most search for words on search engines. A blogger can select a few that are of great interest and value to the people he wants to target as his advocates.
4. Automate promotion on social media.
A blog can be linked to social networking sites so that the content that is published is immediately syndicated to platforms like Yookos.
5. Ask readers to share the content
A simple old fashioned idea is to ask the readers to share a post with their friends. This is basic but very effective too.
6. Make your content more promotable.
One of the fundamental pillars of successful content marketing is to create content that the
7. Email blog link.
A blogger can send a link of his blog to his target audience. The quality of the email list ultimately determines the success of this tactic as there must be a reader-content fit.


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