Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How businesses can benefit from the 4 new mobile moments

Recent findings published by Google show that there are now new 4 mobile moments that every brand should be aware of and try to leverage profitably.
The mobile revolution has been absolute in its dominance. Almost all of our interactions are done with the help of smartphones, either directly or indirectly. These mobile devices have indeed become our remote controls to the world as we always turn to them with intent and expect them to provide immediate solutions.
So what are the 4 mobile moments? Google classifies them as I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy moments.
The I want to know moment represents that scenario when we use our smartphones to look for information. We have come to appreciate and rely on the ability of the internet to provide us instantly with the specific feedback that satisfies our information needs at any given moment.
Statistics back this revelation. According to Google, “65% of online consumers look up more information online versus a few years ago”. Additionally, the research claims that 66% of consumers use their mobile devices to get more details about a product or service they saw advertised on a TV commercial.
It is imperative therefore for brand sponsored content to be available during the I want to know moment as it improves the chances of acquiring new customers. Failure to provide useful content as a marketing tactic is akin to a death wish for any brand in the long term.
The I want to go moment is all about local marketing, a strategy used by businesses to target consumers in their neighbourhood. 82% of consumers are using their smartphones a lot to conduct a local business search and it’s a trend that has caught on.
Search engines have evolved a lot to the point where they can tap into the location identification capacities of smartphones. Through GPS technologies, search engines like Google are able to display accurately the local business listings on its search results pages. The results include the map, business name, contact phone numbers and reviews.
There are reports that the search engine is testing an additional functionality that displays logos. Great stuff!
Listing a business on Google, done via a simple process, is an imperative in the new world order.
The other mobile moment is the I want to do one. I am eternally grateful for the internet as on countless times I have turned to search engines to look for “how to” information when stuck with a task. We all do this and data shows that over 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day and over 100 million videos on “how to” content has been watch to date in 2015.
This represents a perfect opportunity for businesses to provide unique “how to” guides that unlock great value for their customers or simply solves their biggest pain points. Provide useful and actionable content is the latest gateway to the customers’ wallets.Finally, Google says that the customers always turn to their smartphones when making purchase decisions. It calls this the I want to buy moment. It is a no brainer therefore that businesses that have a compelling online presence benefit from these moments more than those why are technology shy.
Businesses should develop the strategies and tactics that match the needs of their customers in these new 4 mobile moments. The customers’ expectations have changes and are underpinned by immediacy and context.


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  12. Recent findings published by Google show that there are now new 4 mobile moments that every brand should be aware of and try to leverage profitably.

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