Friday, 28 August 2015

Why its important to integrate social media and email marketing

While many brands utilize both social media and email marketing, many of them are still missing out on the great benefits that come from integrating the two strategies.
Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic and building brand awareness on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter whilst email marketing is a type of direct marketing that leverages emails to communicate marketing messages to a target audience.
Even though email marketing and social media are used separately, they actually go together like Romeo and Juliet. Brands should integrate them if they are to unlock the benefits that they bring when they are used jointly.
This integration of the two strategies enables the brands to obtain results and discover data that they could have only previously imagined.
Why is this integration important?
The benefits of an integrated approach are numerous.
Social media increases the number of people who receives a brand’s marketing emails. This is produced by the social sharing functions of social networking platforms. The email can potentially go viral and its open rates and conversions more oftenly increase.
The integration of social media and email marketing expands the target audience reached by the marketing and communication campaigns. The bigger the new audience reached translates into a high number of new prospective clients for brands.
The quality and quantity of consumption metrics is multiplied through the integration of social media and email marketing. When these metrics are analyzed properly, they help to measure the impact of the marketing campaigns on the business goals. This data can also help in improving the audience insights which lead to better targeted campaigns.
Marketers also enjoy diverse communication options when social media and email marketing converge. Each social channel gives them an opportunity to connect with diverse people in unique ways. The engagement with their customers is boosted, paving the way for marketing success.
Ways in which social media and email marketing can be integrated
The first thing marketers should do is to include social icons on their emails that allows them to share the entire email or parts of it on the social networks. These icons should be placed prominently on the email to make them easy to find.
Secondly the email should have clear and “loud” calls-to-action like “Like our page on Facebook”, “Subscribe to our Youtube channel” and “Follow us on Twitter”. These calls- to-actions create profitable social connections that can be used to greater effect to achieve the marketing goals.
Thirdly, marketers should provide incentives on why email readers should connect with them on social media. These incentives should be attractive enough to make the readers comply with the request. For example, an e-newsletter can offer its subscribers discounts if they share the email with their friends on Yookos or Facebook.
Lastly, social networking sites can be used to promote sign-ups to an e-newsletter. In this way traffic is driven from social media to emails and vice versa.


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